Weitz Cafe

When the Weitz Café sign came crashing down during a storm several years ago, the new owner, Bob Brenner rescued it and gave it to the Museum along with the booth. The story of Weitz goes back to 1925 when Albert Weitz opened a restaurant in downtown Morris that was open 24 hours. The whole family worked there—four sons and one daughter—and they ran it for 44 years. They hired kitchen help from the southern states by putting “Help Wanted” ads in southern newspapers. Applicants were given a one-way train ticket to Morris.

That is how Ray Younger came to Morris, and he stayed, even serving on the Morris City Council.

During the 1950s Al Weitz opened another restaurant in Braidwood, on Route 66. He sold out to Jesse Eisenbeis in 1969.  The name was changed to Weits when Bob Brenner bought it in 1974.

The waitress uniform is original.

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