Wauponsee Station

This model was built by Roy Johnson. The Big Four Railroad (Chicago, Cincinnati, Cleveland and St. Louis) also known as the Kankakee to Seneca Railroad, came thru the northeast corner of Vienna Township in 1881.

There at the corner of Wauponsee and Verona Road, a town grew up, called Wauponsee Station. It started with a general store, a granary, and an ice house. Soon there was a train depot and a grain elevator. Then a blacksmith shop, stockyard, and a coal and lumber business.

Pretty soon there were 5 new houses, and a Universalist Church, a band and a baseball team. But the automobile put the railroad out of business.

Farmers could truck their grain to market and families could drive to Morris and Chicago. The grain elevator was struck by lightning and burned. Other buildings fell into despair and were torn down.

 By 1996 Wauponsee Station was gone.

There is only one house left—the Bishop house.

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