George Bedford Photo Display

George Bedford may have been Grundy County Judge for 12 years starting in 1910, but he did a whole lot more. He became an amateur archeologist when he discovered some dinosaur bones on his father’s property in Seward Township, Kendall County. He found all the Mazon Creek fossils in our floor display case. Also he taught himself photography and did his own developing, he ran around town taking pictures of all the local landmarks. When he died in 1948, his niece, Ida Mae Clayton, inherited all of his photography collection. When she died in 1993 there was an auction. All of Judge Bedford’s glass negatives and celluloid films were found in an old shed. And here they are. In the original wooden boxes, mouse nests and all. All the negatives had been identified, in paper envelopes with type written labels. Celluloid film is highly combustible. Many of the photos seen here are from his travels to Florida, Arizona and California.

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