Brick & Tile Display

This case represents bricks made and used in Morris along with structural clay tile used in Grundy County.

On top of the case from left to right is a brick stamped Morris, made at Illinois Clay Products. It is a very high temperature firebrick.

Center tray is brick from the 401 West Washington Street house that burned. The small pots were made from clay used to fill in after demolition and fired to 1580° F. The porcelain test tile has the same clay on it fired to 2350°F.

Far right is another Illinois Clay Products brick, this one an arch brick stamped Goose Lake. It too is a high temperature firebrick.

On the top shelf are bricks from early Morris buildings to include U.C. Davis, formerly Commercial Hotel; center brick is from the West Building of Coleman  Hardware. Also on that shelf are examples of clay and silt melted at 2350° F.

Bottom of the case, far left, is an extruded clay structural tile from the Gleener’s Hall, 1916, origin unknown. These tile formed the entire wall inside to outside.

Next are 3 bricks from the Woelfel Building chimney. Center extruded tile came from Illinois Avenue and Route 47 which was last the Will’s Garage. It is salt glazed and made by NATCO.

Then another salt glazed tile by NATCO from the barn on Sue Morse’s property.

Last is sidewalk clay tile made by John Buck, Morris, IL

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