Past Exhibits

A Musical Legacy

Paul Sullivan, Morris High School Class of 1963, poses with his grandfather’s mandolin and his 45 of the Spartans’ “Jungle Call”

Paul Sullivan was a junior in high school when he started playing drums for the Spartans, a group of Morris kids that played at teen parties and dances, even in bars from Streator to Joliet. They got paid $20.00 a night. Members included:  Rich Sparta, sophomore, Mike Wiechen, and freshman Dick DePung. In 1962 they cut a record, “Jungle Call,” with a company in Chicago. 

Sullivan’s grandfather, Harry Hull, also played in a band. He played mandolin – an 1897 Washburn.  In 1907 Harry Hull was playing at Hull’s Hall in Morris, as well as in Chicago.

Harry’s mandolin, photos of the two bands, and a signed copy of “Jungle Call” are now on display at  the Grundy County Museum.

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