Ceramic Arts

The case represents 61 years in the Ceramics Arts starting in Morris and ending in Morris.

Numbers 1 and 2 are high school projects with Mr. Joe Corsello and used Goose Lake Clay from Illinois Clay Products, fired about 1850° F.

Number 3 is made from Goose Lake Clay and salt glazed in 1 967 in a kiln built with Illinois Clay Products brick at 837 East Main—Tom’s parents’ home.

Number 4 is Goose Lake Clay made and fired at Clemson University where Turner established a Ceramic Art Program in 1971-1976, fired to 2350° F in a gas fired kiln with an ash glaze. Vase is circa 1974.

Number 5 stoneware vase made and fired at Illinois State University in undergraduate school 1967. Wood ash glaze fired in a gas kiln to 2350° F.

Number 6 salt glazed lidded jar made while in the Army and fired in a kerosene kiln in Columbia Art Museum to 2350° F in 1970.

Number 7 salt glazed porcelain vase made and fired at his Liberty, SC studio while teaching at Clemson University, 2350° F in a propane fire research kiln.

 Number 8 glazed porcelain lidded vase, made and fired at his Lake Mary, FL studio, 1980, to 2350° F in a propane fueled kiln.

Number 9 porcelain lidded jar with Cooper Red Oxblood glaze at Akron University while a visiting artist in 1982.

Number 10 porcelain lidded jar, glazed with 2 wood ash glazes and fired to 2350° F at his Peachblow Pottery in Delaware, OH, 1992, 2350° F.

Number 11 porcelain vase, 2008, with Celadon, Teadust and Micro-crystalline glazes fired to 2350° F.

Number 12 tumbler made with Morris clay from LaFarge Aux Sable quarry, made and fired at 756 East Illinois Ave., Morris in the old gas fired kiln that used to be at the Morris High School. This brings Tom Turner full circle.

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