Machine Shed

Many items from Sam Holderman’s barn on West Route 6 near Seneca are displayed in the tool shed. Things were salvaged and given to the Museum before the old bar was torn down during the summer of 2008, to make way for the Seneca Intermodal Shipping Plant that was never built.

Eve trough of cedar wood which lasts forever, before aluminum gutters came into being

Side Saddle

Horse-drawn Ice Cutter used by the Davidson Ice House to harvest ice from the Illinois River.

Van Deusen Dumping Bolster patented in 1908. Verona was famous for inventions. This is basically a metal prop to tilt up a wagon box so you could empty out the grain.

Wagon Wheel Soaker made at the Morris Novelty Iron Works near Good Park. When the wagon wheel dried out and the metal rim started to separate from the wheel, you poured linseed oil in this trough and soaked the wheel all around until it swelled to fit tight against the metal rim.

The Queen Incubator 1922.  This was used for hatching chicken, turkey, duck or goose eggs. It is powered by kerosene, before there was electricity on farms. It was insulated. The kerosene heats the water that circulates through pipes around the perimeter of the brooder. It was like a boiler system with kerosene to heat the water and distribute that heat thru the incubator. This cabinet style incubator is made of rose wood—suitable for use indoors—in the kitchen. It is rare to find one that still has this kerosene attachment that fits onto the water reservoir. These pull-out drawers are for holding the eggs and for turning them by hand. Eggs could be traded at grocery stores downtown, and this “egg money” provided extra income for the family.

Gebhard Brewery Case was used to carry bottles to the many saloons around Grundy County where Gebhard beer was sold. Many of these saloons were built by William Gebhard.

License Plate on Wall—64th Morris car license plate issued. It is made out of leather and coated with tar to make it water proof.

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