Items in Harry Hough Case

Spittoon from Hopkins House—one of the first hotels in Morris stood where the Fabric Center is today at the corner of Liberty and Main. The owner, Judge William Hopkins, was a friend of Abraham Lincoln. In the basement of the Hopkins House was George Washington Foster’s Barber Shop. Before boarding the train for Ottawa to debate Stephen Douglas during the campaign for U.S. Senate on August 21, 1858, Lincoln stopped in at Wash Foster’s Barber Shop for a shave. Wash loved to tell the story of how he shaved the Great Emancipator. When Lincoln climbed into the barber chair he looked Wash up and down and asked him where he was born. “Ohio” answered Wash. Lincoln said, “Well, you sure came from a state where the trees grow tall!” In retelling the story Wash would add “I wish I’d said “Well you ain’t no sawed off yourself!” Wash closed his shop and took the train to watch the debate.

Convict’s leg lock left of a Cosgrove farm fence by a prisoner who escaped the Grundy Jail in 1894.

Ankle shackle worn by James Maxwell, convicted murderer who was hung in the Court House Square October 17, 1890. On the night of June 26, 2890, he and an accomplice, John Williams, broke into the Charles Decker home—just west of here on Ottawa Street. The burglary was foiled. They tripped over some boards in the kitchen and woke the family. Maxwell ended up killing Charles Decker and severely beat his aged mother. Williams was sent to Joliet Penitentiary for life, but was paroled in 1913.

Betty lamps, grease lamps, candle molds, log candle holder

Equipment for making cloth from flax or wool

Foot warmer

Hair necklace

Deer hide trunk came from New York to Illinois in 1844. Belonged to “Grandmother Isham” from Mazon.

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