Dr. Walsh Case

Dr. Case was the local authority on the Native Americans from 1907 to the 1920s. Whenever a burial mound was discovered, he was there. Many items were found at Dresden.

Will Hansel had a gravel pit and uncovered these things from 5,000 to 10,000 years ago.

The pottery, paint stones, carved shells and the stag horns were found about 11 feed down.

 A few French trade items from 1790-1800 were found in Channahon burial mounds—trade ax, silver alloy vessel, mirror.

Copper bracelets and beads were Native American made—out of native copper like the slab you see, which was pushed here by the Wisconsin Glacier.

19 flint knives, made by one worker, pointed at both ends, which is rare, found all together by Clyde Carkhuff on his farm in Goose Lake Township, near Winterbottom Road and Mazon Creek.

 French metal pipe was also found in Goose Lake Township.

Banner Stones carried on a staff decorated with feathers during ceremonial dances. The butterfly shape was common, this one was found in Seneca.

Pointed ceremonial pick found by John Nelson while he was plowing on the Eugene Cryder farm on Route 6, east of Walmart.

Gorgets—good luck charms Bar Amulet—worn across the chest as an ornament.

Copper Chisel—found at Dresden gravel pit.

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