Medical Display

Morris medical history centers around the Morris Hospital. The photo on the wall shows the members of the Grundy County Medical Society who in 1906 rented rooms in the Collins Building on the corner of Liberty & Jackson Street for the first hospital. After the current High Street location was acquired in 1910 a nursing school was started. The manikin is wearing one of the uniforms made by the students themselves. This was a hand’s one education, the local doctors volunteered to teach classes in the evening and the nursing students worked with patients during the day. They lived on-site in the Thomas Larson house which was part of the original property. The nursing school closed in 1935.

There are several doctor bags here, including Dr. John Roth, Sr. and Dr. Avalos. Even at the end of the 1950s doctors made house calls.

In the case you can see leg braces used for polio victims.

The wicker baby scale was used by Dr. Frank Bowker. He delivered over 4,000 babies in Grundy County. He also served as a Morris City Alderman and was on the school board.

The exam table was first used by Dr. Sachse. He gave it to Dr. Roth Sr. The table is from the first Morris Hospital

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